Rules and Guidelines

Etiquette and Rules for everyone, visitors and vendors


Visitor Tips

  • Before you start handling produce, make sure your hands are clean and carry hand sanitizer to help eliminate the spread of germs.
  • Bring bags to carry fruit and vegetables. Some markets and vendors do not offer plastic bags. By bringing your own bags, you are helping preserve the environment.
  • Stroll around the market a while before purchasing popular produce offered by vendors. This helps you find the best price and quality.
  • Do not engage in long conversations with vendors who are busy. You can unknowingly hold up the customer line this way. The best time to engage with vendors is in the morning before the masses arrive.
  • Use caution when examining the produce. Hold fruit and vegetables gently and do not squeeze or poke. Squeezing and poking can cause bruising and make the produce hard to sell.
  • Farmers’ markets are different from flea markets in terms of negotiations. It never hurts to try to bargain, however, do not be surprised or become upset if you are asked to pay the listed price. The best time to get good deals is at closing time. Vendors are preparing to leave for the day and are more likely to offer a bargain.
  • Make sure your money is easily accessible and close to you at all times. The markets can be crowded and you don’t want to become a victim of theft. Bring small bills to make your transactions easier and faster.
  • Do not cut in front of other customers in line.
  • Since you are likely to see a friend at your local market and engage in a conversation, make sure you mingle in an area where you are not blocking the flow of traffic.
  • If you bring your kids with you, keep a close watch on them and teach them how to properly sample the produce.
  • Due to health regulations unfortunately you may not bring pets into the market area.
  • For handicrafts and artwork be sensitive to whether the product can be touched or handled. Some items are fragile than others, or fingerprints may be objectionable.






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Rules and Guidelines Etiquette and Rules for everyone,...


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